Is Lucha Libre real?

This question comes up all the time and it is always a spark for a polemical conversation: Is Lucha Libre real?

Lucha Libre is full of drama and it always tells a story of good vs evil, it is in great part similar to the American WWE but it is also very different since it has a unique flavor, style and characters.

The Nacho Libre film with Jack Black made great fun of Mexican wrestling but it also really helped to "spread the word" out about the Mexican spectacle.

Lucha Libre is the second biggest sport in Mexico after Soccer and while the story lines in professional wrestling may be scripted, the athleticism of the luchadores and the dramatic atmosphere is very real. 

We simply recommend to enjoy the show and pay close attention to the moves and action packed matches between "rudos" (bad guys) and the "técnicos" (good guys) and if you insist in asking "Is Lucha Libre real?" we would have to quote what Lucha Fantastica Director and MC: Señor Fantastico has to say:

"If you think it is not real... we will like to invite you to spend 3 minutes in the ring with a Mexican Luchador for a little match, then we can talk and you will tell us if it is real of if it's not real"

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